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Ultimate solution to buyer requests for new sellers

The fiverr system allows old sellers to see more buyer requests than new sellers. The system wants to protect buyers, so only trusted sellers will get lots of buyer requests posted on their gig category.

If you have been doing some research, you would have come across many tips to see buyer requests on fiverr.
However, the ultimate solutions are three small factors that you are overlooking:

  1. You need lots of activity on your account
    Firstly, when buyers go through the pages, looking for sellers, they are most likely to contact online sellers. So if you stay offline or sleep most of the time, you’ll spend more days waiting fruitlessly, while your potential buyers contact other serious sellers.

Your online activity also signals fiverr that you are a hardworking seller, making you liable to rank better on the search pages.

  1. You need to watch out for buyer requests.
    You probably check your account from time to time. But time to time is not enough.

Checking your account all the time increases your chances of getting requests. Even as a new seller, you will get one to two buyer requests on your account. But there’s a particular time that these requests are posted for you. Depending on your location, the times differ.
Nonetheless, if you check your fiverr a lot, at least, every 10 minutes, you are giving yourself the advantage.

You are a new seller, so it’s worth the sacrifices you make. When you rank better in the system, you wouldn’t need to put in so much work anymore!

So, check your buyer request section frequently and study the times that you get requests. That particular time is when the system shows you buyer requests. You may never get requests for the rest of the day.

  1. Create a template for offers.
    When you finally see your first buyer request, you shouldn’t forget that other sellers are seeing it too. Of the many offers other sellers send to the buyer, one of them may wow the buyer quickly. And that’s how you’ll lose one buyer request and many more to come.

Hence, you need to create a template for the offers you send.
You can use this format:

Hello, (buyer’s name)
I can see that you need a (job requirement or title) for your (possible position)
I am a (your profession) and I can (your skills)
I will offer you (benefits of working with you) and help you provide (certain results or goals)
Here are some of my samples (add a link, if you have one).
I am awaiting your response,
Best regards,
(Your name)

With a template, it’ll be easier for you to complete requests without panicking. Put enough work into your template to get the buyer’s attention. Even with one or two buyer requests that show up for you once in a while, if you can get one order everyday, that is 30 orders a month!

Put the work into it. And you’ll get results. It worked for me, so I’m sharing it for everyone too to try it out.


Then why you have just 4 reviews? If these are working for you? :thinking:


Mr Hack

What is the likelihood of getting such a score rate from ~4-8 prospects a day, many of which are not a true skill match?
Also what is the average $ value of these landed jobs?

In my experience, the only way to hope to get BR is to say yes to everything, no matter how unrealistic or plain wrong, and never price above $15, even if it is 8-10 hours of work (with endless revisions of course). Is this valid business?

Now before you say oh but the 5 Star ratings on $0.50ph work will bring more work, perhaps some proof of that too wouldn’t go astray.

How is it that you feel that BR are helping you grow a business (seeing you have to press refresh every 10 mins - which is a strategy I very much doubt is good advice).


It’s a new account I have. And I only tried this recently

So you tell us how perfectly your system works, when in reality you have no proof of anything you said.

I am sorry but making promises like you are offering something of value based on experience is not what you did here. This post is very, very thin, and rather tainted marketing for yourself. It would not bother me in the slightest that you are shilling yourself if your content were worth anything but…

Mate, it’s wrong. You are a newbie. If we are new to somthing, we never give advices or act like we are experienced. This is how it works.

This will help a lot of people. Newcomers here should read this.

maybe the thing you mentioned didn’t work for you.

I receive quite many buyer requests. But when I send responses none get accepted. Please help me with that. [Screenshot (23)] I sent a support request in Fiverr helpdesk panel, but didn’t get any response from them [Screenshot (24)] [Screenshot (25)] I am unable to understand where I am going wrong which is stopping me from getting responses to the submitted offers. PLEASE HELP ME!! sob Regards Aalia My Fiverr Profile

One useful thing that I found over here is the response sample that we are required to send for a buyer request. Many many thanks to you for giving this vital sample over here.