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Ultimate sufferers- the hardworking sellers

I had a really bad experience working with a buyer who did not specify the instructions properly, she shared the old details with me and then asked me to make a PPT which looks exactly like the holding page (the older one)
Once I did that (quite fast and quality work I must mention)
She rejected and asked for modification with totally new details and then said that she wants to cancel the order as it was waste of time and money, I just want to ask, if we cancel the order, what about all the energy and efforts that I have put in this order. this is highly unprofessional of the buyers to make us work on any task multiple times even when they themselves are not clear about it and then it all result in our loss.
This has happened with me quite a few times and hence, such bad experience might force me to leave this platform.
Certain strict measures must be taken against such buyers and also seen to it that the seller receives at least some amount of the payment which he/she deserves.
I am not at all satisfied with this experience and I request fiverr to mark such order complete and allow the seller the payment which he/she should get for the work done.
I know this is selfish of me but I guess when the buyers don’t respect the work of sellers, they should also pay for it.
thank you


Your last post was created on Jun 28, '16. So many things have changed since you were last here. There were scams, bugs, good news, bad news… but in all of that we are doing hard work to get this train running. Today, same thing happened to me. Buyer didn’t read the instructions and provided the wrong details. It was totally the buyer mistake. I did the work as i described. Though he accepts the work and released the revenue.

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I feel bad for you…
I did not post for so long because I was busy with my offline work and I couldn’t stay updated here.
I don’t know what fiverr will do to come out of this loop hole

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If you cancel the order you receive zero funds, as far as the energy and effort goes, to regain those you need to drink Über Monster Energy Brew or energizer. Now you are ranting about work you did quite fast. there are sellers who have done work for a week to a month then get a cancellation request. All you have to do is move on. Fiverr won’t compensate you.

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I can clearly see that now :slight_smile: There is no point in writing such stuff to vent out my feelings, I wrote because I want to make the other sellers aware of such buyers on the platform.

I had a “buyer” of some sort, who after 2 days started yapping about how the work was for charity, then came a buyer who threatened me with a negative review. If I did not refund them. I told them to do their worst. Then the same buyer had the nerve to actually try and order from me again. I told them “If you were not satisfied with my previous delivery, you should not bother ordering the same service from me, as a solution I think you should simply do the work yourself”

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Actually, I as a buyer, think you have every right to vent about frustration. Who better to understand your point of view than fellow sellers on the platform you are working on.

It’s good to get it out. There is nothing you wrote in your OP that is demeaning or name calling to any particular person!

VENT away!! :slight_smile:

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I will never write anything that seems demeaning to any buyer/seller out hear, after all we all are humans and it is human tendency to lookout for oneself first rather than the person who is working for you.

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I did refrain from commenting on your original post. But it’s not all about the individual. You got suckerpunched by a d*****–so call the d******* out. Don’t make it about selfishness or individualism. Let it be known that you do good work and they can slither off into the night.

That’s not rude. And if they think it is, so much the better!


I had opposite experience. I talked with buyer and made an offer of some price for that project. Now my gig price was 5$ and I didn’t know what is “custom offer” in fiverr. That buyer told me to make a custom offer for him. I thought he is telling me to reduce price so I asked him to give an offer which is suitable for both of us.

He said “since you are reconsidering your offer, I can pay you x amount of more money but make sure you do it properly.” I was like wth alright I’m ready.

And for that misunderstanding, I got paid some extra dollars. It’s really weird as well as awkward.

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It’s worth coming to the forum to ask for help when you’re not sure about something. You will get help! And some not so helpful comments, but the help will be there.


The very same thing happened to me. I spent ages answering a potential customer messages (I find that those you message you beforehand to ask questions about the gig are the worst, because usually the information is already on my profile, they just don’t bother reading it), did exactly what he wanted and then he wanted me to make something entirely different… if I cancel the order, all the energy I spent creating just what he wanted will go to waste…

It sucks when rude and stingy people like that try to take advantage of you. It is very discouraging.