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Ultra-ill version of self

I go by Ultra. I am 21 and live in Birmingham, AL. I am visual artist who is extremely interested in connecting with musical talent and other artists as well! Lets get to know each other. I am positive if anything we can share our work and experiences. More than anything I am here to connect. Lets talk.


And how, exactly, would me sharing my work and experiences be of use to you? My experiences and are not the same as your experiences. You are not going to become successful the same way I have. Your path to success will be uniquely your own.

I’m all for introductions, that’s what this forum category is for, but sharing my work and experiences – that’s not going to help YOU become better. Find what makes YOU, you; you don’t need to know my “work and experiences” in order to do that.


Which is the exact reason I would love to hear. Everyone’s experiences are different this is true that makes us individuals with in a collective. My intention is create a safe space for creators to connect. Community is so important in the art world- I am not looking for just a dollar sign. Sharing who we are as individuals and ultimately as a collective is more important than making money for me. Giving reason to why I ask to begin with. If you are not comfortable in doing so- well… You do not have to.


Hi Ultra.

You have one of the most striking profile pictures I’ve ever seen. I hope you enjoy your time on Fiverr!

Edit: You’ve reminded me I need to get rid of this makeshift template I’m using as mine. I need to get my face up there for the world to see. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Welcome to fiverr,ultra, fiverr is slow at the beginning, so don’t lose your patience, keep your hopes up and good luck.

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I am not part of a collective. I am an independent freelancer offering my services on Fiverr. I am my own artist, my own seller, and my own professional. Perhaps you are unfamiliar with what the term, “collective” means.

We already have a “safe space for creators to connect”. It’s right here, on the forums. It has been for years.

I see. Well, I – like most other sellers here – am here to make a living offering my skills to those who need them. Fiverr is not a social media site – it’s a freelance services site.


My only advice is to get your Fiverr link under your name.

This helps those of us who want to check out your gigs.


Wow. I very much appreciate your kindness! So far so good! I have only been on here for maybe an hour we will see where this takes me.


Thank you so very kindly. I will be working hard and holding onto hope.

Thank you for your input. Perhaps you should do your own research, I understand the English language. (no honestly Goggle bro) Secondly, you just validated the reason I created a forum post. Thirdly, perhaps you should consider some business advice as well, I promise not question you and your tactics if you can respectfully agree to do the same. Since you are so busy with sales and such, maybe you ought to focus your time on that rather than criticizing the way others are conducting business.
Thank-you Jon, have a pleasant night.


Perfect! I very much appreciate that. I had not realized.

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If I were in the area I would offer to take some great portraits for you! haha

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Welcome, Ultra :slight_smile:
Just curious, what’s the story behind your nickname?

Unfortunately I don’t have much interesting enough experiences to share,
I just simply get an order, try to do a decent job, deliver, and that’s it.
I can tell you stories about really good buyers and the nightmare ones, but when it comes to
how I do my work…I just…do it???
I’d say the one thing I really am careful about with is how I pace myself and managing the time, and making sure to always ask for an extra day or so than I need just in case something happens. Also always say NO to a buyer when I feel like something is up.

I get the feeling none of this is really gonna help you since I believe it is common sense,
but I hope I was able to entertain you for 10 seconds.

Oh one more thing, be sure to have a cup of coffee and some munchies
when working on a gig. It really helps. :relaxed::coffee::pie::custard::cupcake::cake::cookie::doughnut:


Oh come on Jon, she’s just trying to say hi.
I don’t think she’s like one of those “If I post something here I can get views
for my gig” type of person. :wink:

Aside from that, I’m sure your work experience and mine are completely different,
I would like to be a fly on your wall for a day to see how you work.
Sorry if I sound creepy, but you do sound like a busy person, makes me wonder how you
handle work on a daily basis.

Do you have coffee and munchies on your desk like I do…?


You’re welcome…

My strategy seems to work for me, so I tend to keep the details to myself. Plus, I’d probably prefer that you were not a bug on my wall… I’m not a fan of bugs (of any kind) on my wall. I keep a fly-swatter handy. :wink:

And yes, coffee and munchies do reside on my desk from time to time, although, I don’t think I can credit either of them with my success. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, you remind me of my former room mate.

She HATED bugs and whenever she saw a fly, she’d magically produce a fly swatter out of nowhere ( did she have that thing in her panties or something!?) and go into this berserk assassin mode. I remember her chasing a fly shouting
…and a few minutes later I will hear this huge SLAP sound and her shouting “HAH!! YES!!”

Oh the memories…sorry OP, this has nothing to do with your post :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Well, I also live near a marsh. Mosquitoes are horrible here – in certain parts of the year. My fly-swatter has killed many more mosquitoes than it has flies. :wink:

Welcome to the forum. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:


Good morning and hello! :sun_with_face:

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