Umbrella or


softbox lighting? I feel like I’m more for softbox how about all of you? Either for photography or video.


Reply to @aweberr: Yeah I do the same when light is available, but for when it isn’t I’m thinking of buying a set of lights.


subject, position of light, other available light, etc. all determine the answer to that quesiton. Products, softbox is often a better choice, people, umbrellas (stills) light bars for vid.


I am more of a ‘lets open the window’ person. Its abundant, its free and it gives Vitamin D.


Reply to @whatweb: Thanks!


I feel a softbox is better than an umbrella. It gives uniformly diffused lighting and leaves less sharp background shadows unlike the umbrella which gives a very dark shadow most of the times, unless you spend a zillion hours positioning it creatively.


again, it depends on what you want to shoot. Certainly with the short days in the northern hemisphere, sunlight is not always available, nor directed in the room where you want it. Add to that the two “golden hours” aren’t exactly friendly for work schedules…lol

A set of lights is probably more bang for the buck than any other piece of equipment, including camera bodies. They certainly won’t be obsolete anywhere near as quick!

Softboxes do exactly as their name implies, throw a soft light on the subject which often costs depth and detail. For people, that can mean flat, wide faces when lit from the front with a softbox. I’ve never heard anyone ask to have their face look flatter and wider…lol

Anyway, many variables based on what you want to shoot. The umbrellas and sofboxes are minor costs in the equation anyway, so might as well get both and a few reflectors/stands and give yourself the flexibility for many more situations.