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Umm... Is this a Bug or what with Fiverr Skills and Tests?


So I was updating my profile and decided to do some skill tests.
I gave 3 tests as you can see the below screenshot.

As you can see 5 tests are visible as a passed test to me as a seller with green tick/verified sign in the below skills section.
Note: All of these are visible on a profile. I checked that box

But If I visit my account as a buyer or normally with a different browser, it only shows 2 of the skills as passed. Here is the screenshot.

Why it is happening? I am not able to understand this.
It’s been like 16 hours since I first gave 3rd, 4th, and 5th skill test and the 1st and 2nd skill test was done on October 19, so I am assuming that is the issue.

Maybe Fiverr takes 24 hours+ to verify or recheck the tests that sellers did.

I am not sure, but if someone knows, kindly let me know below.


I can see that you’ve passed 7 skill tests, so everything seems to be fine. :sunny:


Yes, you are correct. Then I can say that… It doesn’t immediately appear on the profile for the buyer to see. Last time it was not there. I think it is fixed now… I will pass some more tests and see the results.
Thanks for your help.