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Ummm... is this allowed? (Weird BR requests)

So, I don’t exactly reply to BRs all that much ever since my return to fiverr, but I still browse them from time to time…and they are getting weirdly specific. I saw this

“I am looking for a female author to write me an erotic story about a past experience they had while wearing their pleated skirt, knee high socks and a button down shirt. Female authors only”

along with several others which are asking about writers’ personal experiences in the past week or so? Some of them come from the same account but not all of them. Is it only me who doesn’t think it’s okay? (I don’t mind NSWF topics, but something just doesn’t sound right about this.) Do you think it’s worth it to try and report support or… am I just too ‘prudish’ lol
EDIT: I managed to report the issue and as far as I know, our ‘guy’s’ requests have been removed!


This is clearly just a way for the buyer to get a woman to reveal pornographic details about herself.

This guy is a predator. Please report this if you haven’t already. What a pervert.


Yeah, I’m going to do that… I’m honestly just… shocked. Like, the first time I saw I was like ‘okay, I might be seeing wrong’ (it’s booze season haha) but no… I just don’t get how this could EVER get into BR…


I am strongly suggesting you to take this matter to CS.


How do you report a buyer request? I only see the option to remove a buyer request from my list.


Taking screenshots and you can see the username of the user who put the request.

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I would take screenshots of it and tell them under what category this one is.

It’s really unfortunate there isn’t an actual way in the system.


That’s what got me confused, since there’s no way to directly report them. I’ve taken screenshots and will be reporting this guy ASAP.


Good for you.

Yeah it’s concerning that they don’t do that.

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Female freelancers are really thrown to the wolves here. I’ve been pursued at least twice off-platform when some male would-be freelancer took my kindness / helpful suggestions for profile/project improvements as a come-on. I actually had to stop taking Sk*pe call interviews a few years ago after the second “client” exposed himself to me. Suuuuper gross.


I’m so sorry. That is horrible.

:flushed: Sorry, I cannot :heart: a comment like that!

I am so sorry for your experience. :frowning_woman:t2:

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I’m so sorry that happened. I’ve never been targeted like that but as an expat I had hundreds of males I don’t know adding my on social media so sadly I know how it is. (That being said being targeted on a freelancing platform is terrifying.) This is work for us.


Super creepy request, I’m glad you were able to report it and it was take down.
I’m starting to believe that this platform should build a safer work environment for everybody

One can’t see the buyer’s username (on desktop), but you can see their username when you’re using the (Mobile app). I occasionally report some spamming requests in BR. By going to their profile and click on the report button under their profile.


Yeah I agree!
Honestly I feel like we should try to protect each other but there’s only so much that we can do. I really hope the poster was banned for good (but it’s hard to know I guess!


Totally, especially when there are no protections for us on Fiverr, really.


How do you report a buyer request?

That IS against the rules, fiverr does not allow that content to be peoduced and the buyer can get in trouble for even daring to ask for that kind of content.

I think they’ve been blocked - for now, that is! I knew it was creepy / shady but I had no idea how to report it (and was under the impression such BR wouldn’t be allowed anyway. There’s still a couple questionable ones so I might have to go on a reporting spree now that I know how to…

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