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Un-indexed ? indexed ? getting confused

Hey, Fiverr. I have a little issue…

on Feb 18 my gig has been promoted i think. I have reached page 2 in the recommended section. I started getting orders and since i have been doing like 50 orders but slowly my gig performance stats went down, even if i did not go late, even if i have delivered before promised, Even if most of my customers left me 5 stars with tip, my gig still went down. Last night i have modified a bit my gig description and today all my stats went to 0 - no views, no impressions, nothing.

this is my gig. It was also indexed when searching " logo design " on page 1 -2 -3

now it is not. I can find it when searching on Fiverr normal mode but in incognito, i can’t find it at all…

let me know guys/gals if this has happened to you and what should i do to find a way to recover my gig.


Fiver ranking is not permanent and always rotating.

If you modified your gig it might take few days for it to be approved.
You can check your status when going to fiverr help center