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Unable to add Extras in Custom offer


I cant see option of adding extras when I create custom offer, its not even showing number of revision I offer when I submit offer !
There were always section ‘Your Offer included’ that was showing me all extras I offer, but now its only shows number of days of delivery…
can any one help?
do you know reason why ?
Thank you


@surajrenuka Gig extras are usually seen under “Define the order scope”.


Thanks for the reply…I cant see ‘Define the order scope’ option when I am creating custom offer ! can you show me any screenshot that can lead me there?


Here it is.


this is what they show me unfortunately :frowning:


That’s weird. Have you tried from a different browser?


Actually not ! thats a good idea…I am doing it right now :wink:
Actually I am facing it now, everything was fine before…


Please update if that worked. It’d help other sellers too. :blush:


so tried other browsers and on other computer too, but still same issue :confused:


Hi @surajrenuka,

Maybe my reply could be nonesense but, have you tried changing the delivery time to other than 1 day?

Also, have you tried making an affer through another gig to see if the same thing happens?



This exact thing had happened to me once. I’d contacted CS and they couldn’t really help me much other than suggesting that I clear my browser’s caches and cookies. It didn’t really help. However, about a week or so later, the issue automatically sorted itself out. IDK how though… The same thing might happen to you, too. :man_shrugging:


Thats not a nonsense at all @maitasun !
yes I tried to chnage delivery time and with other gigs too…I lost one of my client saying me why I am not offering him what he is asking…thats heart breaking :frowning:


Thats strange ! I also have dropped a message to CS regarding this…but I though to ask community first to I posted here…
Did you face this trouble after recent update ?


@surajrenuka That’s sad. Have you tried Fiverr app?


No, I’d experience it like 3 or 4 months back.


Yes Sir !everything possible ! I tried on Mac, Windows, Android and IOS now…when you lose your client because of this…you try everything else possible :slight_smile:
your hints of other browser helped me think of new ways :slight_smile:


May be this happening to me from last couple of months but I never noticed…but now


So sorry this has happened to you :frowning_face:

Hope this issue gets fixed as soon as possible.


I hope so! Thank you :slight_smile:


so some how I could get that option back on Custom gig…Just to solve problems for other people I am updating this…
I just Edit gig back and remove all Extras I am offering and save changes…Then re Edit that gig and tick all options back (its Just like refreshing GIG ) and Hard refresh my fiver dashboard and tried to send offer back and I could see all option back !