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Unable to be A seller

I accidentally made a buyer account. I want to revert back to Seller now. I am not finding any option to do that. Neither on iOS nor on Website from laptop


There are no seller or buyer accounts. One account can be used for both. Click “Switch to Selling” in the upper right corner from your computer to access the seller functionality.

I suggest you do a bit of your own research on how Fiverr works. Read through everything in the Seller Help Center. It will help answer many of the most frequently asked questions:


I agree with @vibronx !
What is awesome on Fiverr is that you have only one account and can switch from seller to buyer super easily.
Make sure you read also the all Fiverr’s Term of Service (TOS) and check also learn by Fiverr.
By knowing the TOS and applying Fiverr’s rules, you’ll not receive warnings you don’t understand.
Besides, learn by Fiverr is full of valuable lessons that, when completed successfully, will make your gig linked to the subject covered rank better on Fiverr. More visibility = more chance of receiving orders.
Good luck on Fiverr.

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