Unable to buy (with pictures)


This would be my 1st buy, i added something in my cart, but the proceed to checkout is greyed…have no idea how to continue.

What else do i need to click? Or what do i need to do to be able to complete the order?


Are you still logged in? You might want to log out, refresh your browser and try again.


I just did. Same thing, the check out button is greyed. I am missing something here:)


Maybe customer support will be able to help.


Try a different browser or make sure to clear your browser history. Also, check the sellers profile to make sure it is active. Your seller might be on vacation mode or maybe the gig is currently paused.

If that doesn’t help, it might be a bug. Contact the seller and ask for a custom quote or you can contact customer support for assistance.


That’s what i was hoping, but i know realize this is not the place to look for them, ha? :))


I tried firefox, chrome and ie…i dount opera or anything else will make it work. The seller responded to me thru message, so he is as active as he can be. So i got my answer, it’s not me, not seeing a button i would have to press, it’s something else. I will try customer support then. Thank you for your help.