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Unable to Cancel More than 24 Hours Late

Need to cancel my order that is now 24 hours past due. Timer on Resolution was down to 1 minute and now it is climbing up and is at 15 minutes. How do I cancel. Emails to customer service are ignored.

Now climbed up to 30 minutes. Mutual cancellation button is gone. Sure hope this is a bug and not a way to keep people from being able to cancel orders. The few flaky sellers on here are totally ruining Fiverr. These technical issues just compound the problem.

Now up to 2 hours and counting. No response from customer support. Guess I am out $10 and can’t warn future buyers about this seller. Thanks Fiverr! Anybody have any suggestions on a different service to use going forward that actually has customer service?

You should have a tab in the To Do email chain that reads Resolution Center. It’s on the upper left. Do you see it? I hope so… if yes, click on it and you can request for a mutual cancellation and explain. I’ve had to do this before and it worked for me.


In my view, this not done so you would not be able to cancel, but to prevent you from making a mistake. What if the seller is late, but still working on the order? What if he/ she will provide you with the perfect product?

I have buyers that tell or ask me to deliver on a later date, just to insure quality.

If I were you, I would contact the seller, and only take action is he/ she does not reply.