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Unable to cancell order

I’ve ordered a gig from fiverr a month ago, the first part went kind of smoothly even tho the guy I ordered from was not really in touch with me, thencame the second part, he would have had 15 days for it, and today he is late by 12 days, I tried to cancell but I can only ask for “updates” and it said if he does not respond in 2 days the order will be automatically cancelled, but its been 3 days without any response and still the order is up and going… I couldn’t find a way to easily contact someone from fiverr so now I am writing here, If anyone can suggest anything to do to get my money back, please do!


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If you are unable to resolve this with your seller here is the link for Customer Support:


Yeah, I did this 5 times already… The seller is unresponsive, and the order is not being cancelled after 2 days of him not responding, even tho its supposed to… but thanks.

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I had just had THE WORST experience with a seller on Fiverr. You can tell the guy didn’t read the many details I gave him, and what’s worse he kept calling me SIR and I’m a woman… I gave him two opportunities and even provided samples of the fonts I wanted him to use through the attachment features and he still did not produce what I was looking for! I put in a request to cancel the order and the seller kept denying the cancelation and sending more amateur logos. I was furious. I waited 48 hrs to hear back from Fiverr and nothing. So I went to PayPal and disputed my charge there. I received an immediate email from Fiverr customer service stating that starting a case with paypal is against their terms of service and the email stated I should close the case with PayPal and customer customer service. I wanted to rip my hair out!!! I left the case open and the kept asking the seller for revisions and then putting a request to cancel. after 4 days of this silly childish back and forth between myself and the seller, Fiverr finally got around to my complaint and canceled the order and put my money back into my balance. Thats when I went into PayPal and closed my case. I am honestly really disappointed with my experience with Fiverr now going through more profiles you can tell a lot of these profiles are duplicates and definitely not the graphic designers they are claiming themselves to be. However I guess you get what you paid for. With all of that being said you SHOULD be hearing back from Fiverr customer service soon. Make sure you go into the seller order page and you write very specifics notes and comments for Fiverr to see. I hope you get this resolved sooner rather than later.

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