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Unable to contact seller - Message disappears


I am a fiverr user since like a year now, and today I have noticed that I was not able to contact any seller. I can’t even contact those I am already working with.
When I send them messages, the messages disappear. How can I solve this?
Is it a bug or does it come from the platform?
Please help. I am in a hurry.

Kind regards


Same here. I can’t contact my buyers. Messages not sending

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I think it’s problem from fiverr

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Same here…Don’t know what to do…

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Yes, I am also having this frustrating issue at this moment…

Also a problem here too, I wonder if it’s only not working for buyer to seller or if it’s a problem for sellers to buyers too. Then they might think we’ve blocked them? Yeah this is a problem

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I just got this reply from Fiverr’s support team after opening a ticket:

"Hello there,

Thanks for contacting us about this. We are looking about the issue with our technical team and as soon as we get update we will follow up with you. Thank you again for your patience."


Chiming in that I’m also having problems with messages. Its funny because my Buyer is seeing notifications with snippets of what I’m saying but he’s not receiving anything on inbox or order page. But he can read a snippet from the notification of a message received.