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Unable to contact sellers, why is contact functionality disabled?

I found a few sellers offering gigs that are close to what I need but not exact, Id like to contact them and work through the details but when I try it always says that contacting the seller is disabled for privacy. Is this a setting configured by the sellers themselves? Because I don’t see that setting in my account. Or am I blocked by fiverr perhaps? maybe because my account has not done much business? How does it work ? Thanks

IS there a way to find out ? Would Fiverr help respond to an inquiry?

If you are worried about your papers so I can help you dear. And there is not any unavailability to contact seller.


When I click on “Contact Me” on any Seller’s profile page, I am unable to write anything in the message box. Could you please help? Thanks.

I think you have issues that only CS can resolve. I just tried contacting and this the message that I got “For privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted directly.” I suggest you just wait for their resolution. Cheers!