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Unable to contact support


I have been trying to lodge a complaint against a seller for weeks now with zero success. I am done buying fivers until this is resolved. I have filled out the form 3 times now. It tells me that I need to respond to an email since I am not logged in. No emails ever arrive. This has wasted more time than the 10 bucks I am chasing. Please help.


Ordered two gigs from same seller and never received finished product


FOfragglesrock and FOfragglesrock

I ordered a logo & video intro. He put some work into it, but it needed revisions. He never responded to my messages. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and reordered another gig from him figuring that was fair since I wanted him to put more work into it. He did not make the requested revisions, but made other ones. After several attempts, he has not returned my messages or delivered the finished logo or video. I am requesting that he either finish the gig or refund my $10 so that I can hire someone that will deliver. He has help up the launch date by over two weeks now. Thank you. Dave

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