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Unable to deliver and missing timers


Sometimes (Quite often) an order page is missing the timer and buttons aren’t working. Refreshing the page a few times solves the issue, though. Happening at least on latest Firefox.

Also, sometimes the timer is incorrect. Refreshing the page refhreshes the timer too and it will again show the correct timer. Off by several hours usually.


I’m yet to have the unable to deliver issue since after the aws problem. But the missing timer is something recent; first noticed it about two days ago. I have to refresh the page several times before the timer reappears. It does get frustrating at times!!


Right now I can’t see buyer requirements, send an offer for an extra on the order page, or see the pre-made responses unless I refresh the page. It happens every time for the past few days.


And I thought I was having a bad ISP. LoL.
It happens whenever some page scripts are not loaded properly. You can press CTRL+F5 for a hard refresh and it will solve the issue. (It does for me) :slight_smile:


That missing buyer details is also an issue, and happens when the timer is missing for me.


I tried the hard refresh but it’s still happening. I type out something and then have to copy and paste it back in again after I refresh the page, since the quick response feature is missing.