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Unable to Deliver Work

What would cause me not to be able to deliver work? I hit the upload button, attach the file, which is a video, and nothing happens. I am having to use Google Drive to deliver work… so I can get the work to the client, however, I cannot stop the countdown timer. I even tried uploading just an image but not even that will upload.


Have you tried uploading a document with just the URL in it? If that still doesn’t work, it might be a browser issue, maybe try from your phone, or another computer?

Clear the browser cache, most of the time it will do it.

You can try clearing browser cache like donnovan86 suggested or try using other browsers.
I often use Chrome but Firefox is pretty stable.
Or you can try using the Fiverr app.

Sometime you are unlucky to deliver while Fiverr is under maintenance so maybe you can deliver again in the next few hrs.

Thanks everyone. I was successfully able to deliver one video last night after connecting my cell phone to my laptop. It took FOREVER… but after that, even my phone wouldn’t do it. After posting here, I went to the resolution center and stated my problem, and then right after that went to try again, just for kicks… and viola! It uploaded just fine… this was a first for me, and I hope the last! :slight_smile: Thank everyone for your replies!

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