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Unable to deliver

Hi everyone,

First-time poster here. Would appreciate some advice.

Last night, a buyer put in a bulk order of the largest package of my main gig with express delivery.
The package was 50 sets of meta tags in 3 days for $20. With express delivery, it’s just 1 day

The buyer in question ordered 3x of this package with express delivery. It was the first time someone placed a multiple order(didn’t know it was an option). The buyer completed the requirements, I glanced through it and said sure no problem

It wasn’t until I got around to working on the order a few hours later, that I noticed that the deadline was still 1 day! The deadline was set with a specific output in mind; shouldn’t the delivery time scale as the scope increases?

I could have offered a custom gig if the buyer had contacted me first, But really he is not at fault here, more like a serious bug with the Fiverr platform. One they need to look into.

I suppose I could cancel the order, but my Level 1 seller status might get revoked. A few weeks ago, I had to put in a cancellation request due to a mistake made by a well-meaning buyer (that person had reordered properly by the way). Even though that was a mutual cancellation, it still showed up in my stats. Now I’m wary of making any more cancellations.

I’ve already posted a request for a delivery extension through the resolution center, but it seems the buyer has gone to bed so, by the time he wakes up the deadline would have lapsed.

I also posted a support ticket, but haven’t heard back from Fiverr. Plus I can’t cancel the order without withdrawing the extension request.

There are only a few hours left in the countdown. Any thoughts on what I should do?

How long would this job take you? Was it at all possible to complete it in time?

You should have immediately asked customer support to cancel it if you couldn’t do it in time as well as asking the buyer to cancel it.

I recommend increasing your delivery time from now on.

You had three days. Wasn’t that enough time? It seems that it would have been enough time to either do the whole job or hear back on cancelling.

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He had 3 days but the seller ordered the gig extra for express delivery. Not only that, he also ordered multiples with express delivery and the delivery time is still set to 24 hours.

I guess you’d have to wait for what Support has to say or hope your buyer wakes from his slumber just in time.

I see. That delivery time needs to automatically extend when there are multiples ordered of a gig.

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If you make a serious job it’s hard to write 50 titles + meta description in one day with all other orders you may have.

You should think about deleting the 1 day delivery for the 50 pages gig!

I sell exactly the same gig as yours but my delivery date is 5 days for 20 pages (Honestly, I always deliver in 2 or 3 days, but I hate having pressure with delivery date).

I hope your client will accept the delivery extension but as the client has paid an extra for the 24h delivery you should tell him that you will write title + MT for additional pages.


I’d put in a cancellation request and the buyer accepted it without complaint.

Fiverr support finally got back to me. Here is the response:

Hi Malith,

_Thank you for contacting us regarding this order. I see that the order has already been cancelled by mutual agreement between you and the buyer. _

We understand that there are some cancellations which cannot be avoided and are no fault of the seller. Currently, your analytics will continue to reflect all cancellations and in the near future, this may be updated.

Fraudulent orders and orders that we have determined to be placed in error, will not be considered in the automatic demotion/promotion, however will remain in your analytics.

Additionally, if a competitive seller is attempting to negatively impact your cancellation rate, report that to Customer Support immediately. We will take the appropriate action and make sure that your account will not be negatively impacted.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with.

Thanks everyone for the replies.

@misscrystal I didn’t have 3 days, that was the point. introvideos12 explains it well

@carineb True, it’s tough to complete orders without cutting corners. I’ll take your advice and extend my delivery dates, even if it will cost me a few sales.

Case closed I guess, but I still have to live with the consequences :confused::