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Unable to edit anything about my gig because of "Action required" on metadata

Hey there, I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue to me recently, as it’s really frustrating me that this is still a problem.

So in recent months, it seems like Fiverr has updated their category/sub-category system, as one of my gigs has finally received it’s own dedicated sub-category and was automatically placed into it. This is great, and all I needed to do myself was specify a few choices in the metadata information for the gig. However, my other gig, which is quite a niche service, is categorized under gaming, as it pertains to a service for creating custom maps for a popular video game. However, the metadata options in the Lifestyle>Gaming sub-category are woefully inadequate, and are pretty much entirely irrelevant for my particular gig. They seem oriented towards gaming coaches and the like, which is fair, I thought I should just instead not fill out any information, as this would be miscategorizing my gig if providing false metadata.

However, I kept receiving notifications on Fiverr to fill out this metadata, multiple times per day, to the point where I created a support ticket with Fiverr to discuss it. I was told after reviewing my gig that I should just ignore the notifications as they noted that they don’t apply to my gig. I accepted this compromise and moved on, hoping it would eventually get fixed by Fiverr themselves. Although today I noticed a whole new issue which is mindblowingly broken, that being I am completely unable to edit any information on my gig whatsoever without answering these metadata options. I can’t change the title, description, pricing, literally anything at all. This is quite the serious issue when I was planning to update my gig and now I can’t because the category it is under has irrelevant tags.

Furthermore, if I attempt to answer each metadata option with suggestions, it doesn’t work and says I have missing responses, which makes me wonder how that suggestion feature is even meant to function when the only way you could suggest one (presumably) would be to first answer with false information before submitting the correct answer… I don’t understand how this is still an issue. Please Fiverr, sort it out! It surely can’t take all that long to just remove the restriction or at the very least allow me to submit my new answers, and then continue so I can actually edit my gig.


Is there another category that it would better fit in? If not, does the meta data offer an ‘other’ option?

(Could you provide a screenshot of your meta-data page and the error message?)

Hey there, thanks for your response! Perhaps there might be a better category option out there now, but there wasn’t one when I originally made the gig. Unfortunately, it seems like I can’t even change the category, so that doesn’t seem to be a solution at the moment. Here is a screenshot of an example; it asks for a “session type”, however this doesn’t apply at all given that I am providing custom content for people to add to their game, I am not actually playing any game at all. It does indeed provide the “Suggest other” option, but frustratingly if I fill out the metadata completely using these tickboxes by saying “n/a” or something similar, it won’t let me save or continue to edit anything else.fiverissuemar21fiverrissue0321

Hmmm… Sub-category should be able to be changed, but…

Try pausing your gig first. It use to be you could sometimes change the category if the gig was paused.

Also, this is what it says when I try to click on any of the other tabs, for example to adjust my pricing. Kind of problematic that I’m neglected the ability to change my pricing because of this issuefiverrissue03212

It does seem that I can change the category if I pause the gig. However, it doesn’t really seem like any of the other gigs fit my service as closely as the gaming one. It just seems like Fiverr presumes anyone doing anything “gaming” related is either providing teammate or coaching services, which is just not true in my case (as well as many others I have seen providing the same service). It would be great it they could add an “other” option to the services provided dropdown they give you once you provide the sub-category choice.

I know I’ve seen other ‘gaming’ categories. Is this your GuitarHeroClone mapping gig that’s causing problems? (If not, what service are you offering?)

(Maybe not put it in one of the subcategories? Just in Gaming?)


It is that gig that is causing issues, yes. So far, it’s only in the Gaming category, I didn’t select one of the other further specialities because neither of them applied to the gig

If you’re still having issues at this point, you might have to reach out to Customer Support.


Thank you, I did already submit a ticket. I received one very vague and confusing response which reads as follows:

"Hi there,

In order to create a Gig, you will need to follow the steps provided.

If there are some mandatory fields, you will need to fulfill them in order to be able to create an order.

Wish you luck,"

It seems like they didn’t really read my message at all (where I tried to explain it all very thoroughly) and don’t seem to know whether I am a buyer or seller… hoping to get a follow up from someone else who can maybe help a bit more haha

Okay, yeah, that sounds like a default reply. Not sure what else I can offer at this point. This is a non-standard problem.

I did notice a number of “custom game map” gigs in ‘Graphics & Design’ under the ‘Game Art’ category… And your gig is a bit more like programming than actual gameplay.

Thanks for looking into that. I would be happy to swap over if it was the only solution to this issue, although I’m not sure how to find out what metadata fields are required for that sub-category if I do switch. There is still a possibility I’ll run into the same issue

You could ‘create a new gig’ just to explore what it requires, and just not publish it. (Just be sure to save any/all text you enter into it in a separate document on your computer, as the ‘save’ option is rather broken, last I knew. As for why you should, even if you don’t plan to publish, you never know when you’ll come up with really good line during practice.)

Good idea! I’ll try that out tonight and see if it’s a better fit