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Unable to edit my gig

I tried to change the price of a gig, and got the message on the first extra that says
something about the description being too long, so I removed some words from that,
but then when I saved it, the price did not update and the title did not update.

In other words I can’t edit my gig.

Hi! Is this solve now?

No it just happened.

Hello, we can’t share skype on here. You need to remove your skype ID from your post. It is not allowed.

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Yes you can remove it by using the small pencil icon which is the edit icon.
Yes it is against the rules to have that on here.

Ok. It works and thank you.

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I’ve sometimes struggled with that - found a way around it, that sort of works most of the time.

Either edit each section and save, then leave it for a while and do the next section. Also, make sure the title and keywords section is the last you edit - it always seems to revert back to its previous details if you don’t. No idea why! :slight_smile:


Thankyou. All I was trying to do was change the price.

But then got the error about the extras title being too long although I never touched those.

And nothing would save.

Even I am facing issues with extras. Get weird errors when I try to save the gig.

Same problems here with multiple gigs, they ‘required changes’ and now I’m stuck!!! UGGGGGG!!!

Hello Guys so those who are facing problem with draft gig that it does not edit neither publish, so here is the solution.
Right click on gig title (in draft) and select open in window. Its will take you to edit page.