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Unable to export CSV

I’ve been trying to export my csv every couple of days and no matter how much I wait, nothing shows up in my mails, in any of my mails.
Do you have something to say?


Check the email address is the one you’ve set up in Fiverr. Check your email app isn’t filtering the mail / moving it to a spam or other folder. When you use the export to CSV function try using a browser like Chrome if you’re not.

You could also ask CS in case it’s a bug with the exporter or something specific with your account that’s stopping it exporting or emailing it.

once you click the export CSV then stay at the same page do not move to any other page until the process finish.

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Oh okay. You mean, the processing icon is supposed to change to something else if I keep the tab open?

No, there is definitely a bug with exporting to csv. Im no newb to getting the csv files because I’ve done it many times before. You click it and it processes forever, and no email is sent. Definitely an issue on Fiverrs end.


How’d you get around it then? I’ve contacted support and all they say is to clear cache and cookies to try again on a different browser. What?

We probably need to wait for them to fix it (or in your support ticket you could specify further that it’s definitely a bug and not to do with cookies etc). There’s another thread/threads where they’ve created a technical ticket with their technical team to try to fix it.

I checked on mine with Chrome and it’s not working when it had in the past.

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There is nothing to do, I’ve tried that as well and also from an entirely different computer. Its just going to have to take Fiverr realizing that there is something actually broken on their end. Who knows when that will happen though… Lets hope its sometime soon.


Same for me. I didn’t change my mail or anything, checked my spam folder, tried multiple times, nothing.
It just suddenly doesn’t work anymore.

ETA: Works again! Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


Same here not working and I have done everything I can, support need to look into this


Same problem with me. Please fix this issue as soon as possible fiverr team, please. Thank you!


I have tried everything, but unfortunately I cannot get a csv. Hopefully this will be fixed soon because I really need it for my administration, haha.

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It’s not working for me either, Fiverr seller here for 4 years. First time this is happening. We really need it for our administration purposes. Please look into it urgently!

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Hello! Just for your information I contacted customer support about this issue some days ago, and today they told me that it is fixed. And yes, I downloaded my earnings report successfully! :smiley: