Unable to get first order


Hello Guys i am spending regularly my whole day here but i am unable to understand why my gigs are not promoting impressions and views much. I get no order yet please try to help me to get my first ord. Thank You!


Hello again, and well done for starting your own thread! :slightly_smiling_face:

I had a look at your profile, and I’m not quite sure what your description means:
Expert in the mentioned domains, what is satated all about quality works and for respected buyer satisfaction. So for further queries and talk about latest things DM.

It might be putting potential buyers off looking at your gigs? Could you make your description a bit clearer and see if it helps? Good luck! :sunny:


Righty, Let me make some changes and then see. Thank You!


Respected can you check again my description ? Thank You!


That all looks much better - well done! :slightly_smiling_face::sunny:


I was looking into your gigs, and i think it will be more good if you ll have all the gigs on $5.
You are at beginning of this journey of freelancing, and you must send low cost projects with a good quality.
After you make this changes, you must send 10 request per day in buyers request menu.
Hope it will be help you.


Twitter is a best social media for gig promotion, you can try here