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Unable to Link My Linkedin Account

Hi, I am unable to link my Linkedin account, i even login with my ID and Password but it is unable to link in my profile. tried everything help needed


me either have that same issue , I don’t know why , maybe they should fix it.

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Contact Customer Support. They can usually link your social accounts manually.

Sometimes this just happens. Other times it happens because the social account was linked to another Fiverr account.

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Can you please provide email or any other for contact support team.

Same problem here, unable to link my LinkedIn account. After clicking on the “+ LinkedIn” link from my profile page, the LinkedIn login page opens in a new window. But after signing in, the window closes immediately and nothing happens. LinkedIn doesn’t ask me to authorize Fiverr and the link on my profile page keeps unchanged (blue instead of dark gray).

Can anyone explain the purpose of the social media links to me? Profile visitors are unable to click on these links, are these only intended to strengthen trust in a specific user?

Sorry for the inconveniences, Please contact to the Resolution Center. They will solve your Problem with Linking Linkedin.

Contact Resolution Center. They will solve your problem.

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Don’t bother to reply to a thread with the same information that was already given to this OP - 10 days after the last post.

I have a feeling some here think that by posting even nonsensical advice, you are somehow getting a leg up here at Fiverr. No, posting here does nothing for your profile and its ranking.


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