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Unable to load image and support people have gone AWOL. Help!

Hi everyone!

I’m all ready to go and set up gigs, but the image upload issue is holding me back.

The image is created to the specs given by Fiverr, all my work, so no copyright problem there, I’ve checked Fiverr troubleshooting info on Image Uploads, updated Flash, checked my cookies, pop up windows settings … renamed the image, downsized to 25 kB (!!!), messaged support with the issue, and nothing …

Could anyone out there, please, help me out?

Thank you for your time and advice/ sharing your experience.


Hey guys! Just wanted to say, I’ve resolved this by trying different browsers.

I normally use Safari (10.6 OS), I used Firefox for the upload, and it worked fine.

Hope this could be of use to someone else having a similar problem.

Rock on!