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Unable to Log In - BIG BUG

I am a longtime seller on Fiverr (username toolholder), with more than 1000 positive 5-star reviews. I am so desperate that I have to write here, because I am unable to login to my account to ask for support help (you can’t do it if you are not logged in).

So, although I did nothing with my password, at the moment I was delivering my work to the client, the system decided that my password is no longer valid (suddenly logged me off).

  1. I received an email with instructions how to reset my password. So, I clicked the link within email.
  2. It lead me to the page that where the system asked for my email address.
  3. I entered my email, the system said “Account password reset instructions were emailed to you”…
  4. So, I got the same email again from the step 1 above, with same instructions that asked for my email address… I stuck in the loop!!!

I repeat, I didn’t ask to reset my password. The system decided to reset it for some reason… This is not an action initiated by me.
Since I can’t log in anymore my hard-earned rating rapidly dropping down every minute. I have open orders that I have to deliver, buyers are waiting. I can’t even answer the buyers which interested in my Gigs, nothing…

This is a huge bug, so please can you forward this to someone who is in charge for these situations, please?

If anyone here had such a bad experience, please can you share a solution with us who have the same problem?


Try contacting CS at

It sounds like you were scammed!

Apparently you delivered 30 minutes ago.

I contacted them, but there is no answer. Silence.
Moreover, I have a similar problem with a payment methods (I can’t add it - the same loop like described above). I contacted support a month ago!

Yes, I have no idea how I logged in this time. I described what is going in my initial message. If I turn off my computer I would be unable to log in again!

As I said, I can’t log in anymore. The system says: “For security reasons, please reset your password”. However, when you try to reset it, you will stuck as described within my initial message. The same will happen if you click “forgot password” button.

Maybe just copy the link, don’t click it, just copy and use it in another browser? It might just be that, a browser problem.

I tried it as well. The same with Chrome, Mozilla and even on my phone (Android). The worst thing is that the Fiverr support doesn’t react. As I said, I am waiting more than 30 days for them to solve the issue with earnings withdrawal.

You should contact to Fiverr By Facebook Messenger.

Few months ago, I was face a problem on Fiverr. I was unable to enter on Fiverr. After that I contact to Fiverr on Facebook Messenger. They reply me in few hours and after that they help me by email to solve the issue

So I will suggest to contact them by Facebook Messenger

Thank you. I’ll try it- However, I don’t believe something will happen because they know for the problem, but no one react.

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