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Unable to login to Fiverr


Receive the message “Wrong username or password, please try again.” Using Firefox. So I’m forced to change my password at each login. And even then it’s suspecting that I’m a bot.

Your help is appreciated.


Have you tried using a different browser?


Yes, Chrome works, it seems to be happening in Firefox, my primary browser


The Fiverr platform was developed with Chrome compatibility in mind. Your only option is to use Chrome to access your Fiverr account.


Thanks for your response. It’s never done this before and I’ve been on Fiverr for months now, have spent 6 thousand dollars, the least they could do is make it compatible with the popular browsers, like most sites. It’s not a normal issue, some kind of authentication problem. And it’s recent.


My pleasure!
And now to answer the second part of your post. Actually, it’s not recent. I experienced this issue over 3 years ago. Support told me that Fiverr was developed to be completely compatible with Chrome. Hence, should I experience any problem, I need to change my browser.
I suggest you do the same.