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Unable to make payment through Credit Card

I am unable to purchase any gig through my Credit Card. I have tried with multiple cards and every card is getting rejected. I have purchased on fiverr previously so the credit card works with fiverr plus it is an international card which can be used to make international purchases. Also, I have called my bank they say that the transactions are being declined by fiverr and not by bank. When i contacted fiverr support team (which i did on multiple occasions) they have only one thing to say that it is being declined by their third party payment providers and use paypal instead. PayPal is not an option for me as I am from Pakistan and PayPal does not work here and I have told this to fiverr support team that PayPal does not work here, however, they keep on sending me the same copied message again and again.

How should I purchase the gig? I have tried almost everything. Need help please.

Hi Faran,

I’m having the same issue. Have you found a solution for this problem yet??