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Unable to make payments


The payments systems seems to be down AGAIN. I’ve been trying to buy gigs for past 2 days with no success no matter how many different payment methods I try…anyone else having this issue?


Maybe your own bank is down? Maybe Visa/Mastercard/whatever credit card is down?

Maybe you are in a country that is “banned” by the US or Israel?

Maybe Fiverr is updating?, Mayber Fiverr’s payment processors are updating?


here is the problem :slight_smile: for 2 days i cant paid what i wanted to order, please help us fiverr

No token passed

already contact fiverr , still no reply


Maybe I’m in the UK, Maybe my bank and credit cards are fine on every other website I use. Maybe there is an issue with Fiverr payments and has been for 3 days now and they are not dealing with the issues or complaints as I’m not the only one having this issue…maybe, just maybe, I have the intelligence to have checked all of possible reasons why it’s not working before raising it…


Are you using paypal or credit card?

Many users have reported having paypal issues. I use credit card on 5r and haven’t had the problems others seem to be having.


sadly i’m paypal user, please help us 5r
we need to make a payment asap


I’ve tried both paypal and CC and nothing is working


Answer from Dan , Fiverr
please use this message as reference and reduce question to them

Hi there,

Thank you. We’re looking further into this with our technical team and it will be resolved soon.
For now, you can try to purchase one order at a time (via shopping cart or via gig page), and that will work fine.
Thank you for your understanding.
Dan | Team Lead | Fiverr Customer Support


I am having this problem now when I try to pay with PayPal. For what I see in some blogs, this is a frequent issue for them.


If any major problem please contact with customer support


thx for that tip…
I also have the problem. The customer service told me to go search for the problem elsewhere ^^ I litereally used paypal a few days earlier and everything worked Oo. Now it doesn’t…No real support…if they don’t want my money ^^:face_with_raised_eyebrow: