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Unable to post a gig for 6 months...?

I have seen other posts that ask the same question, but no one appears to have a solution yet. I have tried different computers, different accounts, nothing works.
Every time I try to add a new gig, I am able to save and complete the process until the spots asking for price and delivery time. I cant click on them or tab into them, nothing has helped.
Is this a glitch in some system update? Why has this happened to multiple people but not been acknowledged in some way? Am I needing to fix some setup in my computer?
When I try to find a way to contact Fiverr for support directly, I get nowhere. Has anyone who has had this problem found a resolve? Thanks!!

I can’t seem to create a gig at the moment either. Just took about an hour writing my gig description and highlighting everything … I get to the part where I save the buyer requirements and add one , and it just reverts all the way back to adding a gig description…