Unable to post jobs / forever Pending?


I am used to working with Elance/now Upwork and when I post a request there I get bids immediately.
Here I posted TWO job requests yesterday, 13 hours ago, and STILL PENDING? what the hell?

Not sure why a $5 gig has to be reviewed and approved in the first place but if this does not get sped up then I’ll be gone. Not user friendly and certainly not helpful when a job that needs to be completed in 24 hours has not been ‘reviewed’ yet after 13 hours. :person_frowning:


Why not search gigs instead of posting requests if you want a rush delivery?


Good question… because it takes me more time to search and contact a bunch of providers, rather than having them submit their bids to me. Remember, it has to be easy for the customer (the one who pays).


Using the category search and the different filters per category (you can filter for things like 24 hour delivery, sellers who are online atm so you can talk to them right away and see if they really know what you want and can deliver, seller language, seller level etc.) might be the better approach for fiverr yet.

It might cost you a bit time to search and contact, but it would cost you time to weed through the offers (bids) and sort out those by sellers who didn´t even really read your request too and you might end up with a seller who won´t really deliver what you want, so might cost you more time in the end. But good luck either way.


Then you don’t know about the hassle of Buyer requests. Believe me I tried it once and it was worst experience. Its better to search gigs, select the ones with more reviews and experience, check their portfolio and place an order. You can also filter by 24 hour delivery and avg customer reviews.