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Unable to process the Payment through DEBIT CARD


I’m not able to pay for the gig using Debit card, Is anyone facing the same problem??


Hi, if you are in India, you cannot pay from an Indian debit card where the bank asks for verification. You can pay from an international credit card only. What you can do is to transfer funds from the Indian debit card into a digital wallet and then use the digital wallet to make the payment. I use EntroPay. [ But better ask someone who knows this more than I do, as I have never bought on Fiverr.]


Hey, I’m having an international debit card & still i’m getting the same error. I even tried with Paypal and still getting the same error which i don’t understand why.


Okay, contact customer support then…you can see the link to the customer support on the main website.


I have already mailed them, I’m just waiting for their reply. Thanks for the response mate :slight_smile:


Dear Sir,dont worried fiver payment option.If have your payment problem.Then I suggest you apply fiverr revineu seems fiverr and payoneer master card.its apply so eassy no cost apply free method and only fast charge $4.Again no yearly charge.So now you can fast apply fiverr revineu card.


I have been using PayPal to make payments but now it seems Nigerian banks no longer support PayPal so I am forced to used a debit card, but unfortunately when I went to make payment the system was insisting on PayPal payment protection!

Has anyone experienced this.


i paid before with my same debit card before but today i am trying serial times it does not work . i also contacted to my bank . it also saying no blocking and no issue form their side . please see form your side what is the problem


You’ll need to ask Customer Servies about anything payment related:


i am having the same problem