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Unable to publish my gig due to phone number verification problem

When I was trying to create my first gig, I almost completed all the phases and came to last step before publishing it, which is to verify my phone number. (Apparently it’s an essential condition to have a gig published). So they sent me the code by SMS, when I submit it they tell me that something is wrong with the code I entered. I’ve been sending new codes via sms and phone call and entering at each time the code into the code field and submiting but I still get the same error, that something is wrong with the code entered into the field even if it is completely similar to the one they sent me.

So the real problem is, that after this, I clicked the “Verify now” button to try again and verify my phone number but it doesn’t even allow me to do it. It’s like if they consider me as a spam. And this message appearsCapture425
and even when I retry after 48 hours or even more, the problem is persisting it’s been more than a week now.

I got really tired guys, I was so motivated to join the world of Fiverr and freelancing but this killed my motivation and my high hopes

PLS HELP ME !!! !!! !!!

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All you can do is to contact Customer Services:

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Alright, thank you ! I will do so asap :confused:

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What is with the constant cry for help that is suddenly over-running this platform? Every third post is some pseudo seller claiming to be two steps away from a depressive bridge dive from motivational issues. Throwing a fit over low (or non existent) sales is a condition known as “lack of resourcefulness.” Depression is a completely different thing.

For example: If you’re having an existential crisis - in sweat pants - in the ice pop section - at Walmart - sporting a bluetooth playing top 40 and in a shirt that says "Beast Mode…"
That is depression.

Suggesting that you’ll give in because you’re going to face failures…that is unsuccessful entrepreneurship.


Well actually that’s not what matters to me the most now, I’m really trying hard to solve my problem here and it’s been more than a week now. But thanks for the interest you showed for my post and thanks for your response.

I’m interested in all the psychosomatic illnesses. Elevated blood pressure, back pain and spasms, ulcers, finding Chelsea Handler funny… It’s my sociological duty to investigate the sick.