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Unable to receive orders


I am new on fiverr and unable to receive any order what can i do now to get orders??:disappointed::disappointed:



Don’t be upset same situation I had already faced but I never give up… Hope for the best and do your best you will be successful In Sha Allah :blush:


Thank you very much for such kind words


Jazak Allah! Don’t be upset be brave and play like a professional :star_struck:


It must be an error, contact Fiverr Help


Stay positive man, the same situation with me, we should have lots of patience and good luck to all :smiley:


Take time to read through the forum for lots of helpful tips and also check out for how to get off to a great start on Fiverr. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


As long as your gigs are listed as active on your Fiverr profile page, you will ALWAYS be able to receive orders. Just send customers to your gigs, and they can purchase from you there. Your challenge is that you are not reaching out to your target customers and marketing or promoting your gigs. You’re just expecting people to show up and place orders. Just like any business, though, YOU have to promote your services to the people that need them.