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Unable to receive the verification code


how to fix Network Problem
You seem to be unable to receive the verification code. There might be a problem with your network connectivity*.

Please try again later.



Which Network Problem Madam??


When i click fiverr revenue card its happening keep coming this error


give some time or try later like few hours later. this happened to me too. i tried again after few hours and it was fixed and i received the code.


Your Fiverr Revenue Card Id Attached Properly Or Not?


Don’t try to send Verification code many times. it will affect badly to your account.
Clear browser cache and try again.


Try to logout and re-login from a different browser.I hope this will work out for you.


i have been trying in one month but nothing is happening


i did that too , but nothing happened


i think its best to contact CS and also attach a screenshot of it too.


im sorry what is CS?i’m new in fiverr, and how to contact them


CS = Customer Support :pineapple:

Contact them here.


i have the same problem! how did u do to fix it??


I’ve had same issue. Your phone is working correct as well connection if fine.

1. Just go into settings>>security and see if you get ’ Edit’ you phone number
Your phone is verified with Fiverr.
2. Click ‘Edit’ to change your phone number’ - if you haven’t then your phone needs to be verified again.