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Unable to Review a Cancelled Order?

I had a seller not deliver after over a month of waiting and false promises. Essentially what he told me is that if when he did deliver (if ever) if I felt like it was a five star work we’d continue, otherwise he’d cancel so I can go elsewhere. Which at the time I figured, sure because I wanted an update with the song and where he was at with his concept asap so I could give direction rather than making him redo work.

Now I see that basically they manipulate the rating system so that they only have 5 star reviews from the customers who chose to stay with them.

This is highly inappropriate and deserves to be reviewed. But because we cancelled orders I do not have the ability to leave a review for the guy

It seems as though this process provides incentives to creators to create crappy customer experiences and cancel out orders rather than deliver properly, and only retaining reviews from those who actually really loved their work. So this guy who only has 155 5 star reviews may have 400 2 or 3 star reviews that we can’t see because he preemptively cancelled the order.


Not quite - as you’ve seen, buyers can’t leave reviews on cancelled orders, so all the reviews on the seller’s profile will in fact be genuine.

However, in the past, some sellers did use cancellation as a way to avoid negative reviews. This hasn’t escaped Fiverr, and sellers are now having their levels reviewed on a monthly basis - if the orders completed metric drops below 90% over the previous 60 days, then they will be demoted from their current level.

Were you allowed to leave private feedback on the order?


Yeah, I was able to post private feedback. That’s what I was referring to when i said 400 2 or 3 stars, sorry for not being clearer. Basically reviews that if they had been able to be made would reflect poorly on the seller.


Thank you for clarifying!

Fiverr CS behind the scenes will see the private feedback - as I say, seller levels are now dependent upon maintaining 90% completion rate over 60 days, so the ‘let’s do a mutual cancellation’ doesn’t work now as it used to for sellers who wanted to avoid a negative review. :slightly_smiling_face:


In addition to what @offlinehelpers said, with the private feedback being sent to the Customer Support, it’s highly unlikely that a seller would be allowed to go on like that if 400 (or 40, or 20) buyers complained about their service.


Fair points. Well I still wish there was a personalized section for private feedback. Anyways, thanks for the input!

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Here you have to pay to review somebody. If the ordered was cancelled, you didn’t pay, you got your money back.

I agree that the seller was irresponsible for making you wait over a month, but you’re the one who chose to wait. I don’t even wait more than 24 hours to demand a cancellation. If I paid to get it in 7 days, then I better get it in 7 days.

Besides, if that seller is so bad, others will start leaving bad reviews.


Imagine if all buyers who cancelled could then leave a bad review! What a disaster for everyone, when it’s free to kill someone’s sales and business forever.

Leaving a review shows you were indeed an actual paying buyer.


While I realize that this could be abused by fictional negative reviewed, I think that the idea that just because you didn’t pay means you shouldn’t be able to review is ridiculous. My money is still in Fiverr, I’m out at the very least the $1 processing fee unless I break an arm and a leg getting it refunded back to my payment method.

Regardless, even if I am no longer out any money, there is still an experience and interaction with the seller, and there is a lot to be said for being able to warn others about a negative experience.

I think context is a lot - and if a seller is able to reply to and publicly refute a fake review or negative review (which I have already seen on legitimate purchases for some sellers), potential buyers are able to get a gauge for the truth. Bear in mind, this method of reviewing is widely accepted and used around the world.

I’m not saying it’s perfect, and I’m not saying that based off of what I have learned in the course of this thread about Fiverr’s private feedback system that I don’t support it. But I definitely take issue with the attitude that because I didn’t pay for something I’m not entitled to warn others about the negative experience. That is wrong. In this instance, even if I got my money back, my time was still wasted which is just as valuable.


If it is allowed to leave a review after cancellation, competitors would easily take advantage.

  • Place an order
  • cancel the order
  • leave a negative review
  • get the money back
  • repeat from start

I believe that is a poor excuse and easily identifiable. I’d argue that there should be a review appeal system in place for sellers.


At the moment it seems as if Fiverr wants fewer cases to be handled by CS, which an appeal system would require, and more of buyers/sellers sorting it out between themselves.

This is why all cancellations count against sellers regardless of which side was to blame, or indeed if both parties were blameless and it was a genuine error by the buyer e.g. ‘I ordered by mistake - please cancel’. Sellers’ completed stats are reduced by all cancellations.

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That too seems incredibly unfair to sellers. It seems like Fiverr doesn’t care much for a solution that requires extra work on their behalf.


You can probably see why the thought of having reviews left on cancelled orders might not go down too well with sellers who may have already lost levels due to genuine buyer mistakes…:wink:

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It seems there is room for improvement on both sides I agree. It’s disturbing that Fiverr, a platform that does incredibly well for itself with a service that is around literally not providing the service, does not want to put extra manpower into increasing the overall experience for their user base, both seller and buyers.


Your money is still on Fiverr, but the seller didn’t get it. If you want to write Fiverr a bad review on some review website, you’re free to do that. Of course, I think a bad review over a $1 processing fee is ridiculous.

The seller can review a bad or fake review, but how will his potential customers know the seller’s right? Bad reviews can cost people sales, that’s why only those who paid for the work earn the right to review the seller. Even Amazon has a program where only those who buy the product get to review it. They did that because the enemies of controversial authors were leaving 1-star reviews without even buying the book.

As for your time being wasted, the same can be said for the seller. There is nothing worse than spending time working on something and not getting paid. I would rather watch TV, I would rather “waste” my time doing something fun than working for an order that ends getting refunded.

In the end, you should be grateful you got your money back. I know freelancers who have kill fees so they always make money and only give partial refunds.

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That’s a great point. Refunds can cause level demotions, just like bad reviews. Now sellers are between a rock and a hard place, they can’t afford to do shoddy work anymore.


That scenario is far more unlikely to happen then someone having to cancel an order due to the sellers incompetence or negligence. I am in the process of a dispute and came here to see if there’s a way to leave reviews on canceled orders. The seller, who I have every intention of naming over and over on any forum that will allow me, added a $35 fee to the $26 fee I already paid for a 200 word celebrity voiceover. He claimed it was “promoting my business” because I mentioned a business. The recording was intended to be used as a prank phone call to one of my coworkers. Not in ANY WAY an attempt to promote a business. I am waiting on the results of the dispute before I name names but oh I will do that and more. The problem here is that now I cannot leave a review to warn other potential customers what the shady business practices that they may fall victim to like I did. Instead he gets to keep his 5 star rating because those who disputed their charges have no option to warn others. VERY convenient for the sellers. “You like what I did? Please rate me a 5. You disputed your order? Oh you don’t get to tell anyone and I keep my 5 stars.” BS


You have no idea the lengths some buyers will go to, just to avoid paying the right price.
The V/O industry commonly uses commercial licenses and it sounds like that is what the seller expected you to pay. To be fair, if there was any suspicion that an order was to be used for a business then the seller has every right to charge that fee. You can be annoyed and waste as much time as you want posting the seller’s name on forums but the reality is that anyone who would actually care would likely see you as I do, someone who tried to get away without paying the correct fees for a service and it is very unlikely to affect the seller in any way among serious buyers.

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It costs money :dollar: to use this site and contribute a review. It is not free.

You do not get to leave reviews for free :zero: . You got a refund, that’s the end of it. :stop_sign: