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Unable to Review a Cancelled Order?

The business I mentioned is one of the largest universities in the nation. It is not possible in any way, shape or form I could benefit even one penny by advertising or any commercial promotion. So now what? Want to see the script?

Not really.
If there was a misunderstanding then you should discuss it with your seller.
If your case is genuine and they did not want to proceed without the additional fee, just cancel and ask someone else before ordering. It seems like you have got very annoyed over what is supposed to be a prank phone call for a colleague.


Well I certainly wish it was possible to show you the 5 cowerkers who worked on a script for the prank call. The voiceover is from Donald Trump. I work at a major university hospital that needs no promotion from me and I would see zero benefit from any promotion. Now I’m not saying that should make you feel stupid for accusing me of trying to rip off someone for promotion, but if you offer up any way possible that I may prove my point, you wither get to “expose” my comment as fake, or when I prove that it was a prank, will you then make a comment apologizing and admitting publicly that you made a baseless assumption and agree not to do it again? How’s that for an offer?

I did NOT get a refund! I got nothing.

Here’s the script for the voiceover. It was intended for a coworker named Lora who is a big fan of the president. I’ve edited the name of the university I work at.
Fill out the form first and then I will fill out your order.

“Hello people, Trump here. I’m trying to reach Lora the nurse at the University of XXXXX which by the way is great XXXXX and many many great doctors and nurses work at and a lot of people are saying it. Anyway I’m having a bit of a sleep problem. It’s not really a health problem though, ok, because as you know I am in perfect health and am very - high - energy. I’m going on Fox News tomorrow morning to talk about the many many great benefits of CPAK (pronounced SEE PACK) therapy but before I tell the world what an expert I am at CPAK, I need you to tell me what it is because I don’t have a clue, ok people. Not a clue. A lot of people are saying Lora can help with that. Tell Lora to call me as soon as possible because I’m going to build a big beautiful wall between America and its sleep problems…. And I’m gonna make the insurance companies pay for it! Bigly. By the way, have you ever considered renaming your sleep clinic the Donald J. Trump sleep clinic? Your ratings would go through-the-roof.”

Why would ANY promotion ask the audience to have LORA call them? Frankly I can’t even believe I would have to explain that do an adult.

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Do you really think my annoyance is related to a phone call? It is strictly from a seller adding an unauthorized $35 charge to my $26 product. Now, I suppose you can pretend you wouldn’t get annoyed at that happening to you but I seriously doubt anyone would believe you. I know I don’t. There is absolutely no one who wouldn’t be at the minimum annoyed at that. But I would think that would go without saying so your comment is quite irrational.
I tried contacting the seller but he has not responded. He was VERY quick to respond to my purchase to say he was adding $35 to it. But no, he has not responded otherwise.

It is almost as if you are unaware how this process works. You seem to think that because I clicked a button that my money magically re-appeared. No. I have not gotten a refund and have yet to see any indication that I am getting one. I do know that Paypal chargebacks are an effective tool against getting scammed though. I never thought I’d actually have to use that tool though.

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Can I just point out that you are implying that I should feel stupid yet at the same time highlighting the fact that you have not proven your point and that the “baseless assumption” I made is actually from the available facts, ie, what you have said.
For the record, I am not interested in seeing your 5 coworkers either.

There is literally no way a seller could take an unauthorized payment from you. Therefore, you mistakenly agreed to it or you did not make the payment. Sellers cannot just take money - we don’t even get the money until 14 days after the order has been marked as complete!

However, yes, if someone took money from me, I would be annoyed but I would manage to deal with it rationally, considering there is a third party intermediary holding said money in escrow who I could simply send a message to and get it resolved.

In your original post, you mentioned getting a refund - that is where this particular confusion arose. The order you and I are discussing has not been refunded.
Edit: Just noticed that you are not the OP, your images look similar at a glance.

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I did NOT get a refund. For you to assume that speaks volumes about your bias as pro-seller rights/anti-consumer rights.

Make up your mind. Did you get a refund or not?

From the seller:

I’m adding commercial rights to this order.

Item Quantity Duration Amount
LICENSE Commercial Rights 1 No Change $35.00
Expected delivery: May 09, 2018 Total: $35.00

That is pretty clear as day to me. I clicked absolutely nothing wrong. Nothing.

I cancelled the order but have gotten no response and no refund. Please tell me you dont think that cancelling an order is the same thing as getting a refund…

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If the order is cancelled you get a refund. If it is not cancelled you get to leave a review.

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Thats a custom extra, you have not been charged for that unless you agreed to it which you say you didn’t so let’s go with that. A seller ASKED for additional money, they did not take it. Simply reject the request.

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The OP and the current commenter are not the same people - their images just have similar coloring at a glance

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Whoever I’m responding to seems angry at anyone posting here.

Asking is a question. Questions include question marks. There is no question there. It’s a statement that $35 is being added to my order. I thought that looked pretty clear. Please indicate to me where you see anything listed as a question or an option… Seriously. I want you to point out that part.

More from the seller: Thanks for your order. As you are promoting your business, I’m adding $35 to this order for commercial rights thanks.

I dont see any questions there either…

For those who keep saying to talk to the seller, I tried. As I already stated, he was very quick to respond adding $35 to my order but has not responded to my request not to add the charge or my subsequent cancellation.

EDIT: The seller just responded and declined to cancel the order. Looks like I will get my change to write the review my experience deserves.

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I suppose your “make up your mind” post was just to be friendly??

Yes how terrible of me. You have my sincerest apologies.

Please - why don’t you speak to your seller or Customer Services? This isn’t doing anybody any good.


He was trying to explain to you that you would have to accept the additional charge for it to be applied to your order.

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The part you have not shown is where you can choose to accept or reject it. That’s where the option is.
Your statement above suggested that the seller took your money without permission which is just not the case.