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Unable to see Buyers Request


  1. I am unable to see active request buyers request.

  2. What is the meaning of offer left today (unable to see)?

I have attached a screenshot.

Will appreciate your help.


Usman Ashraf

10 offers left today mean, you can offer 10 buyer request

That was helpful
Thank you! :grinning:

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This simply means that there are no requests at the moment , the 1 active request is probably a bug which shows an active request when there are no active requests. You will be able to see requests when they are actually there.

10 offers left today— This is the limit of requests you can respond to every day … they reset every 24 hours and go back up to ten, so respond to buyer requests wisely. 1 offer made on a request deducts 1 request from the total offers.

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Thank You! :grinning:

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