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Unable to see buyers requests

Hi to everyone,

I am new to selling on Fiverr and I am unable to see the buyers request section.

Can anyone please help?

Also, I have made four gigs but none of them are showing in the search results😞



Please read the below article . You will get the option.

Hi @taranko1

Thankyou for your link however I am unable to see the “more” button or the “buyer request button” that the link mentions.

I have attached screenshots of how my dashboard looks.
I’m from Australia-I don’t know if that makes any difference?

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Make your profile zoom so you can see the top bar this way.

If your gig search pages don’t show up.
Notify fiverr customer support service

stay online, refresh the page.

Thanks but even when I zoom in or out I don’t see that top bar from your photo at all.


I’ve tried refreshing but still same issues.
Thankyou anyway @outsiders6

i have same issue :no_mouth:

Try opening the three bars on the side of the logo of Fiverr.
Maybe that will have the tab for buyer requests.

I tried using Fiverr on my desktop and now I can see it yay!
Its must just be an issue with Ipad because that is what I was using when I couldn’t see the top bar.

Thanks to everyone for your help:)


Are you using an Ipad or a desktop?

@korprofessional desktop

stay online, wait for it

Thanks everyone. My issue is fixed now.

If you contact Fiverr support hopefully they will be able to fix it for you. Good luck!

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ok i will do thanks…

dont be panic it will be fiver server problem