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Unable to see complete requests on PC

I am recieving fiver buyer request but the problem is this that when i click on “see more” there is nothing but on phone there is complete buyer request written that i can see
Moreover, sample images/file also have the same issue, on PC there is only one sample image/file but when i go to phone there are more than one (as buyer provided).


it could the network problem sometimes its happens with me also

This is known bug for years now. You can’t see everything on desktop, not name and all attachments.
@wp_kid should I send message to CS about this or maybe not? Since they know about this did they already responded to people, is this deliberate thing to use app? I do not like to use app since i can’t work on the phone, i can’t open files and work on them directly to send back feedback and proper offer to client.

I did check see more on BR , it show up in details, no issue on attatchments as well. It’s working ok on my end, try it on incognito mode ?

I only see one attachment in the desktop, but on app, I get all (more than one). I can’t view them all on phone even after downloading so I have to download them, send them to myself on email or vi ber and then open on PC, by that time for time-sensitive offers it is all over.

Regrading “see more” issue it is not a constant thing. Sometimes you click and all is OK but sometimes it expands the box visually but not actually.

I am not that frequent on BR but I will try to get a screenshot.
Please take a screenshot and post it here.

For downloaded attachment, you need a relevant app to read/view that doctype, (as I don’t have an app to read .docx reader, I can’t view them on mobile, but On mobile, I’m able to view pdf & txt formats.) It’s not a bug, it’s built like this. The read more feature is built with javascript, there are a couple of chrome extension that interrupt js based UX, you can turn them off For Fiverr (for example add blocker extensions)

Yes, I have MO installed but I cant edit or work on them, I cant zoom in to see the level of pixelation, and things I can do on PC directly, but that is not important now that you mentioned that desktop does show all the attachments, the problem is within Chrome extensions?

So if I get clean Chrome with no extensions BR section would show all the attachments in BR?
Thank you for this info.
Strange I did not see this reply/answer to other topics. Everyone just say they can only see one attachment on PC.

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