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Unable to see the Buyer requests

Anybody please help… I am unable to see the buyer request as i have 3 active gigs…

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If you are a new seller, you have to stay glued to your screen. Keep refreshing the page, and when the requests come, they rush in like a flood and are gone in a moment.

You have to be fast and nimble.

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Doing all the things but still :frowning:

Keep doing them. When I was starting out, i missed sleep and other stuff.

You will also soon learn the best times fiverr pushes the buyer requests.

Install a browser extension to automatically refresh the page after every few minutes.

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Hello Komal

Use proper keywords and make 7 gigs on different categories

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Thank you so much for giving me motivation. So kind of you… I am new here and Just waiting for my first order … And every work takes time and efforts indeed…

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I have make 3 gigs right now. finding clicks, impressions but not orders, Or thats why i am worrying cox even nothing is showing so i can push it… :frowning:

Dont Loose Hope
Keep Trying and use proper keywords that are on searching


Sure Thank you so much.

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