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Unable to SEND message due to "Don't Sit..."

Unable to do SEND in Message because the “Don’t Sit…” crap is moving into the bottom of the Messages area \ and thereby killing the SEND option \ SEND button is full ‘on’ BUT just no action when hit it \ the crap Don’t Sit message is overlapping the Message area \ good work fiverr

  • on your twitter and facebook there is no mention of this crap
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Kindly get in touch with the Customer Support to get a permanent resolution of your issue.

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thanks - BUT already sent a tweet \ and already sent message to CS \ appear to me to be lousy CS on fiverr \
– thanks for your response \

  • and i have no faith in cs at all

and just for gp i wonder … hmmm >

  • and why would cs not be monitoring ‘report a bug’ board ?
  • and the ‘help’ function has no relationship to ‘bugs’ \ and it’s not an ‘order’

what a rotten experience with fiverr \

  • and your link goes to ‘discourage-comm’ type “help” \ and i had already slogged through that
    – so cheap useless cs
    – on top of stupid amateur programming that caused the bug

  • but personally for you, thank you for at least responding

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It may take upto 48 hours for the CS to get back to you.Don’t worry, your issue will surely be resolved shortly.

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thank you for the conversation \ that helps me make decisions \

– since they may not get back for 48 hours \ even if they happen to see my ‘support form request’ [ or my tweet - or this board] – which i do not trust them to see any of it
– i was in the middle of urgently interviewing for some very urgent projects \ and now that is totally stopped dead

  • and i can’t wait 48 hours [or more which i expect]

– i’m actually amazed that there would be no prioritization for ‘CANNOT DO ANY WORK’ bugs \ concluding that fiverr is even much worse than i had thought

– go guess there is no choice but to go to fiverr-alt sites
– again, it’s kind of amazing that a company would be so oblivious and unable to distinguish problems that prevent buying and spending money on the site vs trivial problems \

– for them to stupidly prevent SEND messages – !? Wow
---- thanks again, i don’t feel so ‘alone’ in this frustration

– like as if i was going into a store and looking at what i want to buy and the idiotic-oblivious store prevented any way to actually make a purchase

oh well …

I understand that you are frustrated, but kindly allow them some time to resolve this issue. CS may have experienced a surge in inquiries, that’s why it is taking them so long to get back yo you.
Sometimes I get a reply within a few minutes, while requests made during the peak hours take a little longer to be resolved.
Lastly, this forum is not monitored by the Fiverr CS. We are just normal sellers and some buyers.
I hope that your problem gets resolved asap.

hey deluxe - thank you very much for caring about … \
1] as i had said > before i posted here initially i had sent message to CS \ that took way too long \ that’s a total mess \ and it’s clearly meant to discourage questions cuz most give up = not worth it
2] i had also sent a tweet [as i also mentioned above]
3] guess what > NO Response from fiverr \ nothing zip nada zilch
4] oh … but> a few days ago they sent a ‘cs survey’ > ‘how did we do’ ? \
– what a joke \ sending the survey itself = wow this company might as well just …
– and the survey itself = kind of idiotic \ as if someone with no idea of a survey had written it \ like irrelevant kinds of things in it \ like as if some ‘manager’ said ‘we need survey of cs results’ \ and then never again looked at the issue
5] the problem cleared up a couple days later [meanwhile i had to send messages limited to about 2 lines - and include attachments instead of ‘messages’] = rotten lousy …
6] note that i actually had correctly troubleshot and said [above] exactly what was the problem
7] the kicker > It’s BACK …
– and recall they never ever sent any mesage to me
8] attached is image showing the problem
9] cs messages are just too difficult to send \ they do it that way i purpose i’d guess \ cuz no one could be that dumb
10] you had also said that fiverr [in my words] does not care about these boards or complaints or ‘my fiverr experience’ or ‘rants’ \ gee does anyone think they care about users ?
— well anyway thanks for your caring \ i appreciate it

I have a similar problem but not identical to that one where the entire bottom of that page comes up and covers up the send button. It happens about once a week and I wait a while and it stops.

the ‘technical term’ for it is called … “Lousy Coding” \ the second ‘technical term’ for it is … "We don’t need to test anything, just wait for users to complain; and then (only) if the complaints reach some high level, then maybe ‘consider’ looking into. But meanwhile tell the users to ‘buy a new computer and that will fix your problems’. And so on… \ still hoping fiverr could do better …

This might be a temporary fix:

  1. Type your message in the message box as normal
  2. Instead of hitting send or clicking away from the box, hold CTRL and press the Enter key
  3. Voila - you can bypass clicking the send button

Alternatively (and I know you said it’s fixed itself already), try using the mobile app if you’re not already. If you’re going to be regularly selling or buying on Fiverr (and given the difficulty you’ve had, I could understand if you’re iffy about continuing to do so), it’s a very useful tool to have.

thank you very much proof and think … i had not known about the ctrl-enter
– the problem is now intermittent \ sometimes only one message thread in a group

– a “support” experience reveals the ‘kind’ of company with which one is dealing \ this is one of those that goes through the sequence of messssages of > cookies \ cache \ browser \ os \ latest [1-1thousandth] version update \ ah hell just don’t use fiverr anymore \ bye we don’t care any way …

oh well next time i want “support” i’ll ask q’s in the comments on review articles \ and on this forum
— the fact that fiverr does not monitor it’s own complaint boards is also very telling as to ‘kind’ of company

  • the support on this thread from you folks has been far far superior to the company “support” [those are sneer quotes of course]

  • thanks again for the great tips and sympathy