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Unable to Send Message - It's a bug?

Hello, first time answering here.
I’m trying to reply to my buyer but this message keeps popping. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or some problem with my account or how to solve but need to answer to my buyers.


can you give a screenshot if possible?

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Sure, here it is.

The image shows the message I’m trying to send (tried to write other stuff too and none of it is sending) and the “bug”.

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I think it’s kind of bug. i am not facing anything like that from my end. however you can contact with regarding this issue.

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Just contacted them. Thank You.

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Had the exact same issue on the website. My workaround was to message through the mobile app. Not ideal but it did the job.


I had this problem before. Then I just changed my broadband line to my Phone Data.

And it’s fixed.

After 1-2 hour later my broadband line also fixed.


This is usually a problem caused by a weak internet connection, or if you spent too long writing a reply and your connection drops out (or is in the process of dropping out).

Copy and save your message body that you have written so far in response, and refresh the page. Then paste, complete your message, and resend.