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Unable to send message Response stucked


Recently i received 3 messages But when i reply to conversations my messages are not sent no error or warning .
Even messages are shown as un read…
i tried to send via Fiverr Mobile app but still no luck.


I have the same issue. Can the tech support look into this?


I have the exact same problem


Same. It applies to all messaging and custom offers too. This needs to be ffxed asap


Have you submitted a ticket to Customer Support?


i created ticket … but waiting for response… just 2 messages are sent in few minutes… but the one left stucked.


It appears messages and deliveries are not getting through right now. I have the same issue. :tired_face:


Now Fiverr maintenance Mode :’(


:cookie::coffee: 1 biscuit…

:cookie::coffee: 2 biscuits…

:cookie::coffee: 3 biscuits…

Yay! It’s back up


Messages sent twice & Triples :’( I think just lost 3 customers…


My message went through but then disappeared again. I am sure CS is aware of the issue. It will be back up in no time.


they are aware ! :frowning: of situation