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Unable to send message?

Hi new here and have contacted a seller in a message and they responded and when I reply to there question it comes up with unable to send message not sure what to do about this so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Have you tried it again?
Maybe it because of the low connection or some internet problem / when you send a message there is a maintenance on Fiverr.

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unfortunatly i have tried a good few time’s and at different times just in case but with no success


My name is Ran, I’m a product manager on Fiverr.
Sorry to hear about this. We are constantly working to improve the inbox stability so in the future we want need to chat about it :slight_smile:
In the short term, can you please try to use a different browser or closing the existing browser and trying again?
Please let me know if it help


Tried different browser, closing and reopening browser, tried on phone app no luck


Hy Ran

Since I caught you here, I also want to signal another, major issue that a lot of sellers are dealing with.

Many buyers are using the “multiples” function without contacting the seller first. Even if I say I am not offering more than 2000 words per order everywhere on my gig page… customers can easily order 10x or even 20x my gig amount, since that’s automatically an option from Fiverr.

As you can see from the attachment, this person ordered the gig without my consent, and I can do nothing about it, other than work on it or deal with a penalty for canceling the order.

I hope you guys can add a way for us to lock gig multiples as a seller. Otherwise, we end up with needless cancellations and a whole lot more pressure on us to deliver the work, which leads to low quality results.

Please consider adding a way for sellers to lock gig multiples, because there are many of us dealing with this problem.


Hi, tried that too with no success

Thanks for reporting this!
I wasn’t familiar with this issue. I notified the relevant product manager about this issue


Are you sure the seller has not blocked you?

All sorted, thank you all for your time

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Thanks for the update!
Did you do anything, or was it a momentary issue that you couldn’t reproduce?

Were you able to send your messages? I am having the same issue and my seller, Netsavvy, is frustrated and angry with me because they are waiting for a reply for me and I haven’t been able to respond to their message for 7 days. I’m at my wit’s end and don’t know what to do. I have tried everything.

Ran, please help me. I am having the same issue of being unable to respond to Netsavvy’s messages to me for the past 7 days. They think I have gone dark and they are getting really upset. I’ve tried logging in/out, using 3 different browsers, doing it from the app on my phone, restarting my computer. I don’t know what to do. I really need your help. Or at the minimum I need to have someone tell Netsavvy that there is an issue.

Probably ask Customer Support to reach out to him for you

Clear the cache and cookies. Another possibility is that he has blocked you

I totally agree with everything you mention! :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

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Hi I got in touch with Fiverr support when I opened a ticket and they helped me, turned out that they went into unavailable status but managed to get in touch with seller a few days later when they came out of the unavailable status, could check there status to see if they are available or unavailable

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