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Unable to send offers in buyers request

Unable to send offers in buyers requests, getting this yellow message on top of the screen “You must have at least 90% positive rating to make new offers!”.

I am getting a 5 star rating on my seller_dashboard page and also on mobile application

But getting 3.9 star rating on public profile page

I am not getting whats going on, please someone helps me.

I think the 5 star on your seller dashboard shows the rating that you have gotten over the last 60 days (not entirely sure, so don’t quote me on that).

However, out of the 10 reviews on your profile, you have three 1 star reviews. I’m not a math genius, but I don’t believe there’s any way you can be over 90% for a positive rating.

You need to focus on getting more 5 star reviews to bring your rating up. That’s the only thing you can do at this point. And, even if you get above 90%, you shouldn’t rely on Buyer’s Request to get jobs. You need to find other ways to attract buyers to your profile.


Most of the times you have 1 star reviews, it’s because you failed to deliver on time. Be aware of the timer next time.