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Unable to Set an Order Limit

There’s a thing in my Gig that says “Limit Order in Queue” and I have that set to 2 orders. I turned off the “Keep the Direct Link Active.” However, today someone was able to place an order, and now I’m up to 6 orders. Is this a bug because I’m not sure what to do.

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If I remember correctly, the gig just gets removed from search when the limit is reached, but it’s still possible to place an order.

And yes, we all think that it makes the feature pretty useless.


Yes, @catwriter, you are correct in that. I found that out when buyers were able to purchase my gigs despite the limits I had on them. And it does make the feature useless.


Totally. It would only help us if they blocked the ability to purchase, but I guess expecting Fiverr to let us prevent them from potentially getting a commission, maybe it’s a pipe dream to expect that will change. Haha


I’ve turned it off. Honestly, not worth the stress thinking that it’s there to protect me. When I reach a workload I’m not comfortable with, I pause my gig or go out of office, depending on how long I think it will take before I plan to take orders again.

Bear in mind, that by pausing your gig or going out of office, your gig ranking will take a hit.


It also might be time to raise your prices. If you have more demand than you can cope with raising them will deter buyers away but hopefully not so much that you can continue working comfortably but now for more money. If you see sales are a bit low afterwards just lower them back down again.


Don’t use the Limit Order function. It’s broken. Put your gigs in Out of Office Mode or pause your gigs.

Also, this.

To be fair I think even if the Limit Orders function worked properly, this would still happen. I don’t think it’s possible to temporarily take your gigs out of the search without taking a temporary hit to your ranking.


Do you see how much benefit Level two brings? I posted the exact same thing, that she should add another zero at the end of all her prices because of her services being on another level (if you read just couple of reviews it is clear she is excellent in what she does) and I was flagged and comment removed. Now I checked her GIGs it says she is out of the office until June.


I ended up going out of office–I don’t feel that confident upping my prices too much higher just yet, and just figured going out of office might just be the thing to do for now. It’ll affect my rank, but maybe then I can just catch up. :smiley:

Well, I was almost crying reading the reviews. It is clear even to a blind person your services are extra and to do them at those prices is just heartbreaking. I said it once, I will say that again, and whoever wants to flag me for it, so be it. @sarahmaew is underselling her service to the point she should be in dictionary for the concept of underselling something superb at unreasonably low price.


A lot of that going around lately…