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Unable to share gig on Linkedin

The title says it all pretty much. I am unable to share my gig on linkedin, it gives the following error: "
It’s not you. It’s us. Give it another try, please."

Is anybody experiencing this? Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.


Yes I’m experiencing the same message @harshal_chavan. Perhaps it will clear itself.

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I have the exact same issue! :tired_face:

You can try to share your gig at Linkedin by using URL shortener method. Hopefully this will works!


Why on planet earth would anyone even want to spam LinkedIn with 5r gigs.

OMG! That is a professional platform designed to exchange work history for employment purpose. No one is looking for microgigs.


BTW, this is a thread from over 3 years ago.


Spam with another link is still spam.


LinkedIn contains no-follow attribute tag for any submitted link(Url). So this will not act as spam.

If LinkedIn doesn’t want links leading to Fiverr gigs, posting such a link would be spamming, no matter how one disguises it.

An unwanted link/message/offer is spam.


You can share your link in LinkedIn by copy and paste. But there you will be no preview.

Did you not see the steps recommended by fiver for getting positive results about ranking and promotion of Gigs? Fiverr says “Share your gigs on social media to grow your impact”. So how 5r itself could ask millions of freelancers to do spam?

There’s a difference between sharing your gigs and spamming.

And there are platforms that don’t allow Fiverr links at all.


So are you trying to say that some social media platforms considered Fiverr Gigs as a spam hence they not allow them to get published?

That’s what I’ve heard. Because of desperate sellers who kept posting their gig links everywhere.

But when I’m trying to share my GIGs on LinkedIn, It says “Something went wrong. Refresh the page”image . Is there anyone can help me out with this.

As been stated prior, LinkedIn doesn’t allow fiverr links. There’s nothing that can be done.