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Unable to submit order requirements


You’re killing me here, Fiverr. I need work done so I can expedite my lean entrepreneur gig lifestyle, but your website is bugging out and won’t let me submit the order requirements.


having the same issue on my end… I had to direct message the person.


It’s probably best to contact customer support directly to have this resolved. Good luck!

Is this you James? If so, welcome back :wink:


Contact CS, meanwhile, message seller about the issue…submit all details in inbox and tell seller to start order from his/her side.


It’s me, James, and although I appreciate the welcome back I’m not here as a seller. Not even the promise 72 virgins in the afterlife – or the present life, for that matter – could persuade me to sell on Fiverr again. I’ve spent the past year finishing the manuscript for my book, The Satanic Tarot, and am preparing to launch both the book and the deck next month. Busy, busy, busy… just need some work done on Fiverr to help me finish the branding for my different projects.


So nice to see you back. Wishing you continued success James. Good luck with your book and everything else you have planned :wink: