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Unable to update profile description


I am facing this issue since a month. I am not able to update my profile description. It allows me to edit the description and also let me update. But when I refresh the page it is the same description it was before updating.

There is a warning written below the description.

For your security, please don’t include URL in your description.
Your changes have not been saved.

It just wont go away even if I remove my website link from the description.


I contacted support but they came up with trying it with different browser.

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Same issue.How did you solve it?

Put space before and after DOT “.” .So that it will not look like url.


@jhakz1234 You did not get the point. The description already has url saved in it. I am trying to remove it.

Sorry I didn’t notice that . You mean the url is not removing .

Yes. Contacting support did not help. There is a bug in the system I think.

@joy2012bd Issue still there. No solution found yet.

Didn’t help means ? What they told you ?

They told me logging out. Clearing cache, cookies. Trying different browsers. Nothing helped.

Then tell them that it has not fixed yet… They will sure help you .

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Thank you. My issue has been solved.

What about deleting whole description and then write it again?

There is no way to delete the description.

FIxed. I asked support team to update the description. They updated it for me. Thanks.

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I solved description update issue.just you should the whole description spell check in Google.that,s it.thanks