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Unable to upload files



I am trying to upload files for order delivery Unknown Error comes again and again. i even can’t send any message to anyone…

Can someone help???

Am i alone here or someone else also facing same issue…



I think that it’s a problem on Amazon AWS because a lot of services is not working properly


Today it seems like fiverr is quite slow because i am getting broken images every where. even my profile image is not loading up properly


Same issue with me.
Can not upload files.


I also have a problem with up*ork dot com, dropbox screenshoter and fiverr Buyer’s Request (can’t open attachments)


Same issue here :slight_smile: it’s probably fiverr bugs


No it’s Amazon S3 issue



Very disappointing…

It is 11:30 PM (mid night) here in my country. I need to deliver my orders before going to sleep…


I need to submit orders within 3 hrs. And its so frustrating situation


Same problems, it’s happened before. Should be fixed soon (today, tonight, or tomorrow).


Same issue here! I got a message from a buyer, their attachment failed but their message went through, and now I can’t send messages, attach things, or redeliver the work. Do we just wait?



Read the rest of the forum before posting. You can see this is a common problem.


Same here :neutral_face: